Cast Iron Skillet Dips

 Homemade Artichoke Roasted Red Pepper 14.95   Buffalo Chicken 15.95   Crab Dip Served   16.95 with Crispy Flatbread

Peppers and Oil

 Marinated Hot and Sweet Peppers, Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Garlic Herbs and Crusty Bread

Rock Shrimp

 Pan Fried Rock Shrimp Tossed in Sweet & Sour Sauce 

Jumbo Crab Cake

 Homemade Lump Crab Cake with Spicy Remoulade (3 in an order)


 One Pound Sautéed Fresh with Calabrian Chile Peppers, in White Wine Lemon Butter Sauce 


 Choice of Chicken or Steak Served with Pico de gallo, Sour Cream & Queso 

Charcuterie Board

Capicola, Soppressata, Prosciutto, Pepperoni, Assorted Cheese, Homemade Giardiniera, Olives, Calabrian Chiles & Grapes with Crispy Flatbread 


 Fresh Celery Served with Your Choice of Sauce (BBQ, Buffalo, House Dry Cajun, Thai Chili, General Tso)

House Chips

 Sea Salt Rosemary Kettle Chips with Gorgonzola Aioli Sauce